As Rain Media our journey began in Europe in 2011, from 2020 we continue our way by moving to Turkey.

Who As

We offer solutions that add value to the industry in the fields of content and production with our strong staff, our innovative approach that is compatible with the digital world.

We bring the ideas
We inspire to life

We are here for good ideas !

As Rain team, we work with talented artists, screenwriters, directors, copywriters and content creators to develop creatives for TV, cinema, theater and digital platforms. We know that good ideas achieve success through collective work.

Mehmet Dara Kutlay

  • Founder,
  • Producer

Mehmet Dara Kutlay who started his career as an actor at the Ankara Public Theater directed children's plays at Hürriyet Children's Club. In addition to being the founder of Ankara Comedy Theater, he worked as a Movie Voice Actor on TRT Ankara Television. After the theater and acting, he worked as a producer and director numerous projects on many TV channels broadcasting in Europe. Mehmet Dara Kutlay is the General Manager in Rain Media, which he founded since 2020.

Zelal Sever

  • Founder, Producer

After her undergraduate education in PR and Advertising, she completed her MBA at Istanbul University and a training program on Business Communications at UCLA Extension. While continuing her education life, she worked as Brand Representative, Marketing and Sales Consultant in many domestic and foreign companies operating in communication, media, tourism and chemical sectors. Zelal Sever, who joined Rain in 2020, is the General Coordinator of the company which she took part in the foundation.

Aslıhan Kılıç

AXer completing her education at Dilek Sabancı State Conservatory, she worked in various theatre and filmmaking process. Aslıhan, who joined Rain in 2022, works as office coordinator.