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Ankara - Nergiz Show Center


28 May 2022


50 Minutes



My Solitude is the Price of My Freedom.

"Tomris", a one-man theater play, is about a woman in a mental hospital who struggles with her emotional turmoil despite her brilliant mind, searching for herself in Tomris Uyar, one of the unique, brave, strong and free writers of the Turkish literary world.

It is produced by Rain Media.


Newspaper Anayurt

The play Tomris, which has won the hearts of theater lovers since the first day it was put on the stage, calls the stage again with its renewed director and staff after a short break. Fatma Yılmaz, the young talent of the television and theater world, plays the so-called "Tomris Uyar" in the mental hospital, whose brilliant intelligence we witness throughout the play. Saying "My loneliness is the price of my freedom", Tomris welcomes everyone to the theater.